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Kalamazoo Materials, Incorporated is the leading supplier of landscape decorative rock in the southwestern United States. Established in 1984, Kalamazoo operates 12 decorative rock quarries in Arizona and Nevada. We are proud to deliver landscape decorative rock of exceptional quality.

Kalamazoo is the preferred choice for landscape decorative rock because we seek, mine, quarry and sell ONLY superior quality granites, rhyolites and quartzites. This prevents the weathering, melting and decomposition commonly associated with sandstone, shale and limestone.

To develop an enduring, aesthetically pleasing project, it is important that the cornerstone products of your development withstand the test of time. That is why Kalamazoo ONLY develops high quality product quarries that have a minimum 15 year reserve. This ensures that material for your project will be readily available for touch-up and new construction.

Our 20 years of experience have taught us that landscape rock is not "just a rock". We pride ourselves on producing ONLY high quality landscape decorative rock, providing superior customer service, at a fair price.

We invite you to surf our web-site, where you will find information regarding the availability of colors and gradations, product specifications, the locations of our quarries, a full gallery of pictures and installation tips. For more information, special requests, questions and price inquiries, please click on the Contact Us button.

Due to variation associated with naturally occurring products, landscape decorative rock color and sizing may vary. Kalamazoo makes no warranties regarding these naturally occurring variations. All loads, including screened and sized rock, will contain fines.