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For a Table of Approximate Boulder Weights and Conversion Chart, click here.

For an Approximate Gravel Coverage Chart, click here.

Installation Tips

1. Once the rock has been delivered to the site, confirm that the color and gradation is correct.

2. Typically, industry standards specify a 2-inch finished layer of material should be applied to all applicable areas.

3. Before spreading the rock, make sure all areas to be covered are free of rock and debris.

4. Before spreading the rock, make sure that proper drainage has been accounted for. Proper drainage is necessary to minimize erosion.

5. Before spreading the rock, roll and blend the rock to reverse the settling that may have occurred during delivery. This is particularly helpful with " minus and " minus products.

6. Before spreading the rock, be sure to apply pre-emergent to all areas to help to prevent weed growth.

7. Rake the rock during installation to aid with mixing the rock and applying it evenly, and to help the fines to settle to the bottom. This will help to ensure proper cementation.

8. After achieving the required depth, finish the installation by lightly brooming the top of rock with a push-broom.

* Brooming will assist in giving the grade an even appearance;
* With " minus and " minus materials, brooming helps to bring
the rock content to the top and creates separation between the gradations,
which will help to prevent clumping and bare patches;

9. After brooming, apply a light mist of water over the entire surface. This will help to bring out natural beauty of the material and help to settle the fines. The cementitious quality of true decomposed granite will aid in weed prevention and eliminate the need for costly bonding additives.

Due to variation associated with naturally occurring products, landscape decorative rock color and sizing may vary. Kalamazoo makes no warranties regarding these naturally occurring variations. All loads, including screened and sized rock, will contain fines.